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10/6/2019 Summer Biathlon event information

Register online by 5pm Saturday, October 5

Summer Biathlon is the warm-weather version of the Winter Olympic sport of biathlon. Our Colorado Biathlon Club summer events combine running or mountain biking with rifle marksmanship. Note that the rifle is NOT carried in summer events. Rifles, ammunition, and instruction are provided for all competitors who need them. NOTE: All competitors 15 and younger MUST be accompanied on the range by a parent or coach.

Course descriptions

The running course is divided into three segments, with two stops at the range. After your first running leg, you'll enter the range and take five shots (one for each of five targets) from the prone position. If you've missed any targets, your next stop will be the penalty loop, where you'll run one loop for each missed target. After that, you're back out on the trail for your second running leg, followed by five shots in the standing position. After your third running leg, head to the finish line!

The mountain bike course will include four shooting bouts. After each riding segment, you'll enter the range to shoot as described for the run. However, instead of penalty loops, each missed target will incur a time penalty of 30 seconds added to your total time. You'll shoot four bouts of 5 shots each, alternating between prone and standing positions with each bout.

Competitors 12 and under will run or ride 1km loops, for a 3km total run or 5km total on the bike, and will do all shooting from the prone position.


Contact Dave Hixson ( if you have additional questions.

Event registration

Pre-registration is required! Register online until 5pm on Saturday, October 5, 2019.

Race-day schedule

Directions to the race venue

Snow Mountain Ranch is located on the south side of Colorado Highway 40 about 75 miles west of Denver. Take I-70 west from Denver to US 40 over Berthoud Pass and through Winter Park, Fraser and Tabernash. Snow Mountain Ranch is about four miles west of Tabernash. The range is about a 1km walk/ride from the Nordic Center parking lot. (the Nordic Center is labeled as "Camp Chief Ouray" on the summer trails map). See the Nordic Trail map and the overview maps on the Snow Mountain Ranch web site.


Due to construction at the Nordic Center, participants will need to park near the baseball fields or health center and walk/ride from there.

NOTE: All events are on dirt trails at 8700' elevation or higher. These are high-altitude events. Please prepare accordingly! There are no restroom facilities at the biathlon range. Restrooms are available at the Administrative Building, Legett Building, and/or Nordic Center.

Sport and Match Category definitions

Sport racers will shoot at standing (11.5cm) winter targets in both the prone and standing positions. No cuffs or slings are allowed. If you are using a Club rifle, by default you are in the sport category. Match racers must have their own rifle, cuff and sling. They will shoot at the standard winter targets for each position (4.5cm prone, 11.5cm standing). Match competitors: If possible, please remove the harness from your rifle in order to avoid interference with other rifles on the rack.

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